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Born in a tiny, out of the way place, called Crai in the Brecon Beacons, Jaz is a Welsh activist focusing on health, disability, and trans and non-binary issues.

Jaz originally went to Durham University in 1993 to study Geology, Geophysics, and Archaeology, but went on to study law through vocational training, allowing fæ to work at the same time as an advocate for those least well off in society and otherwise unable to access legal support and help.

Jaz has been a candidate for both local and Westminster elections, as well as being an office holder in the LGBTQ+ wing of the political party that fæ used to be a member of, but has since become an apolitical activist.

In fæ spare time (what’s that, lol) Jaz reads, paints, draws, occasionally tries fæ hand at game development, makes 3D models, streams, and games. Jaz is still longing for a remaster of Vagrant Story.