It is easy to think that because health is a devolved matter in Wales a general election will have little consequence to our NHS services in Caerphilly

But that is far from the truth. Like many other patients in Caerphilly and Wales I require specialist treatment that is only offered in England, and yet NHS England is facing an unprecedented winter crisis that’s just one in a long line of crises under this Tory Government

In Dr Chaand Nagpaul's own words as Chair of the British Medical Association,

“Under this government’s watch, patients and staff working in the NHS have endured winter after winter of overcrowded emergency departments, long delays and pitifully low staffing levels[...]

Staff are already coming under extreme pressure, trolley waits are at a worryingly high level, A&E targets are not being met and as such, the BMA predicts that the NHS is hurtling towards an unprecedented crisis this winter.”
Photo of Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr hospital from across the road

The NHS has been ill-served by both Tory and Labour Westminster Governments in the 21st century. It is a Liberal Democrat Government in Westminster that will prioritise and revitalise the NHS – actions that will benefit Welsh patients accessing NHS England services, but will also benefit the NHS in Wales as well.

Give us a penny and we’ll give you a health service that is once again the envy of the world—.

A penny in the pound on income tax to give to the NHS and social care services, money that will be ring-fenced and used to ensure that people are able to access the services they need

A penny in the pound that will enable Wales to spend an extra £300m on the NHS and social services in line with our Welsh Liberal Democrat Manifesto pledge

A penny in the pound that will be used to secure significant, and long cried out for, improvement in mental health services

A penny in the pound that will be used to reduce waiting lists and improve access to more treatments and services for patients

And a penny in the pound that will finally end the nightmare of the GIC waiting lists. Waiting lists for a first appointment that now average two years, with some parts of the country seeing much longer waits than that, and average waiting times for treatment stretching out even longer

The Liberal Democrats will change that. The Liberal Democrats will ensure that all people accessing the NHS will do so being treated with the same dignity and respect as each other. That people accessing the NHS can expect to receive their first appointment not in a matter of years but in a matter of weeks